Oh shit, after 1 hour it’s reached 10% of it’s goal, which is $15,000. These guys are so gonna make it.


Elysian Shadows is live right now!!

I just played fruit ninja for the first time!!

Oh, which tutorials?


I’ve only read up to part III, but it has some seriously… robust constructs so far. I’m not sure if I should borrow some stuff from it or not. I mean, I could certainly implement Singletons, for example, but there’s really no need right now. My error logging is really kind of shameful (vanilla exceptions), but everything else just seems like extra utilities. But like I said, I really have no idea if I’m doing this right or not :(

I’ve read some tutorials recently on how to build an extremely in depth game engine… and I’m wondering if it’s good or bad that my engine lacks most of those features. Apart from the “backbone” scene system, all of the “engine” features basically just sit in the common directory. I don’t expect anyone to have gone through them thoroughly (and I doubt many would), but… I wish someone could give me advice. I’m not even sure what parts are supposed to be engine and what parts are supposed to be game; there’s no real distinction between the two.

I knew it uses the linux kernel, but I question how much of the android distro is left on the ouya version

If you can be bothered, you can find out yourself.

I forgot to mention that the guy who called today asked if I’d ever worked on consoles. I guess that’s another strike against my name. Who thinks that the OUYA counts as a console?

I look forward to the day I can play my own game.

Collision is working on the server, BTW. You can try it here. It’s my first update in three weeks, so… feedback plz?