I think that non-programmers see code the same way I see car engines: a big mess of shit thrown together that works somehow.

Devving: Focus Issues

I’m having trouble focusing. By that, I mean I can’t see shit because my eyes are strained for some reason. Also, I need to start focusing on the game proper. It’s been so long since I actually opened the damned GDD I don’t know what’s in there. There is, however, something that I kind of need to do:

  • Scale Down

I’ve always thought that it’d be impossible to scale this game down from my current idea, but if I’m going to release any time soon, then I’ll need to find some way to cut features that I thought were essential. 

Some examples are:

  • Procedural Generation
  • ATB combat Instances
  • Multiple Dungeon Types
  • Perfect Code

There’s obviously more that can go in that list, but everything I add changes the goal. The engine itself isn’t finished yet, which is killing me, and there aren’t even any sound assets yet. There are a few things I could do to speed things up, like:

  • Bring On More People
  • Update The GDD
  • Move The GDD Into A Wiki
  • Use 3rd Party Software
  • Set A Deadline And Plan Accordingly
  • Contact The Press
  • Collect An Email List

Now, I have no experience leading a team, and very little experience working with other people. I also have literally no budget, a custom engine, and a reputation for being a creepy pigheaded douchebag. But what I do have is 15 months of my life sunk into this game, and I need to finish it soon.

I guess this is my official call: if anyone is interested in forming a team to finish this game, please contact me at kayneruse@gmail.com

If that headline doesn’t catch your attention, you must be blind. Still, I recommend you read this, as it’s a great article, with a fantastic breakdown of what happens when you exhibit at an expo.

List of things I should use instead

Why have I put so much effort into building my own game engine, when I don’t even have a “game” to go with it? I have no fucking game, I’ve wasted too fucking long, and right now I might as well die.

I stuck to my own engine out of spite, because people I considered assholes told me I should use a different engine, but they were right. I fucking hate everything.

One of my worst habits is not using 3rd party libraries. I just seem to have a distinct dislike of them. Like, I need a GUI right? A proper one with buttons, menus, etc. Maybe I’m just wary of learning new things. WTF is wrong with me? No wonder Tortuga is taking so long.


I forgot how fun programming in C can be

Are you high?

I need to know: How many people reading this can I convert into $1 sales?

Just curious, I’m not ready to sell yet.

Actually, I had an idea: what if I released Tortuga as a base game, and sold “map packs” and extensions, etc. as DLC?



So… my code is really dense :/

Also, there’s more code to handle errors than there is to handle successful commands. 

It’s always a great day when something fails correctly.


So… my code is really dense :/

Also, there’s more code to handle errors than there is to handle successful commands. 

So… my code is really dense :/